Tara Murphy Sullivan lives and works on the South Shore of Massachusetts, but spent the first half of her life growing up in central New Hampshire. In 2009, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Bridgewater State University. Her writing has appeared in Gravel, The Chaos, The Bridge, and she once performed at The Moth during a story slam and placed second (but only by tenth of a point, as she’s quick to mention). Tara is a recipient of the Pauline Scheer Fellowship, and is currently a student in the Memoir Incubator program at GrubStreet, where she is hard at work on her first book.

Me & HDT
One time, I went to Walden Pond and posed with this statue of Henry David Thoreau. I still don’t know what was in his hand. If I’d read Walden, maybe I would know, but I haven’t, and probably never will.
"Want to hear a scary story?"
My sister Maeve captured this moment during an impromptu photo shoot. I told her I needed a professional picture, which she took, but not before I grabbed the desk light and asked her if she liked scary stories. I’m proud to say my sister almost peed her pants.